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Sparkly Snowflake Beret (pattern and pics) [Dec. 24th, 2009 09:46 pm]
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*Please read through the Pattern Notes and Instructions before starting your beret, guidelines are included throughout, stitch instructions are given at the end*

Pattern Notes :

The idea for this design developed through wanting something very quick to knit as a gift using either a knifty knitter round hat loom or similar size in gauge wooden loom, fluffy yarn like a mohair mix preferably with sparkles and winter or spring themed for my daughters. The stitch pattern is very quick and easy to remember making this the perfect project for all occasions not just during the winter but ideal for early springtime or autumn weather as well.

Loom and Yarn :
Knifty Knitter larger gauge round hat loom
any number of pegs as long as its large enough for the person's head you are making this for :
bulky, chunky, or boucle - use one strand
aran, DK or worsted weight - use two strands as one

(1.5 x 50g Rowan Romance sparkly yarn was used in the example shown)

you will also need your loom hook and a sewing needle to weave in any ends

Pattern Instructions :
Instructions given are for a beret to fit age 7 to 10 years old
sizes shown in brackets are for two larger sizes, teenager and adult

stitches : knit stitch / ewrap / knit two stitches together

crochet cast on 15 (17) (21) stitches
first stitch on every OTHER row is skipped and not knitted

1 : knit to end

2 : slip 1, knit 1, knit 1 but move the new loop back a peg, (peg 1 has 1 stitch, peg 2 now has two loops peg 3 is empty) pass working yarn behind empty peg and repeat all the way along the row stopping two stitches before the end (peg 13), lift stitch (peg 14) wrap peg replacing the stitch you are holding back on the peg (working yarn should now be facing the opposite direction to go back the other way towards peg 1)

3 : working back towards peg 1 now, knit the pegs that have two stitches on them together as if they were one, ewrap empty pegs

4 : repeat step 2 and 3 stopping after you have seven pegs with two loops on them

(your row will look like this : pegs 1 to 7 and 15 have one loop, pegs 8 to 14 have two)
larger sizes only :

(if you cast on 17 stitches your row will look like this : pegs 1 to 8 and 17 have one loop, pegs 9 to 16 have two)
(if you cast on 21 stitches your row will look like thipegs 1 to 10 and 21 have one loop, pegs 11 to 20 have two)

5 : slip 1, knit to end

6 : slip 1, knit to end

you have just completed the first pie or triangle shaped section
repeat steps 1 to 6 until you have completed eight pie sections in total

once you have eight pie sections bind off using the purl flat panel bind off method

Weave in any yarn tails using your sewing needle

carefully seam along your cast on and bind off edges to form the top circle piece of your beret

once you have your top circle piece, push it inside your loom with the wrong side facing upwards then carefully pick up the loops from around the edge and place two on each peg all the way around, if you can not fit two loops on each peg all the way around its ok to do alternate one loop then two loops on each peg until the entire edge of your circle is on the loom, there are no pegs left and no unsightly gaps. Its trial and error to get this part right but well worth taking the time to do this properly so that you have a nice neat edge around the top of the ribbing whilst the beret is being worn.

Ribbing :
1 : ewrap row but do not knit off
2 : knit row using the knit stitch knitting off any pegs that have two or three loops on them together as if they are one
3 : knit row
4 : knit row
5 : ewrap row but do not knit off
6 : knit row knitting off two stitches on each peg together as if they were one
7 : repeat steps 3 to 6 twice more
8 : purl flat panel bind off

weave in any yarn tails, block if desired then enjoy :)

Stitch Instructions :
My Own Crochet Type Cast On :
as I cant see to do this with a crochet hook I use this improvised method for all my cast on edges :
make a loop in your yarn and form a slip knot, place loop on peg 1 and pull working yarn to secure, with working yarn coming from behind the loop and in towards you from between pegs 1 and 2, catch the working yarn from the side of peg 1 by inserting your hook upwards into the first loop pulling the new loop down through the side of the stitch and back towards you from the side of the peg 1 and place the new loop on to peg 2 pulling the working yarn behind the pegs as you go along.
(note that the new loop comes from behind and along the side of the first loop on peg 1 straight on to the next peg without going over peg 1 at all)
*Feel free to use the regular crochet cast on instead if that is easier for you*

Knit Stitch :
place working yarn across the pegs above the stitches going in the direction you are working in, insert your hook upwards into the first stitch, hook the working yarn and pull it downwards to form a loop sticking out from the stitch that is on the peg, hold this new loop firmly and gently lift everything off the peg replacing it with your new loop you are holding, tug working yarn to secure.

Ewrap Stitch :
Simply wind the yarn around the peg once bringing the yarn from behind and go around the peg

Purl Flat Panel Bind Off :
purl first stitch, purl second stitch but whilst holding your new loop, instead of placing it back on the peg, pull it over to the previous stitch and place it on top of it, lift the bottom stitch over the top one and off the peg, move your remaining stitch over one place to the empty peg and repeat this process of purling the next stitch moving the new loop back one place and lifting off the bottom stitch on that peg then moving your new stitch over to the empty peg along the row until all your stitches are bound off, cut working yarn leaving a 4 to 6 inch long tail, pull tail through last stitch lifting the stitch off the peg pulling yarn to secure.

©2009 Helen Jacobs-Grant all rights reserved


[User Picture]From: jpirkle1
2009-12-24 09:54 pm (UTC)


Beautiful daughter, beautiful tree and lovely hat. It looks excellent on her. The color is so soft looking. I like the sparkle showing in the closeup picture, now I see what you meant. You are a fast knitter Helen.
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[User Picture]From: neat_and_pretty
2009-12-25 12:48 am (UTC)

Re: Beautiful

Thanks Jeannette, hey Happy Christmas! Its past midnight here already :)
I added the pattern to this entry now so its on my blog and available as a Ravelry download for free :)
Hope you enjoy this one, let me know when you make it, it really is a fast knit, I did the top in just one evening then added the ribbing around the sides the next afternoon. All together I think it only took about five hours in total from start to finish.
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From: (Anonymous)
2013-03-02 04:27 pm (UTC)

Re: Beautiful

I agree that this is a beautiful hat! You are a talented designer. I so want to make this, but I am having a hard time visualizing how to do it. Do the wedges decrease? Are there bind offs between panels? I can't seem to figure out how to get to step 4. Please help! Thanks so much!
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[User Picture]From: neat_and_pretty
2013-03-16 12:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Beautiful

have you made any progress? sorry I only just saw this comment please let me know if you still need help. Helen
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